Marcus Mojo – Goalie Shots

Hey there guys and gals. Marcus Mojo is back once more for you this week and he has another juicy little scene to reveal to you all as he gets to have his fun. In this new one he gets to play with another guy that is on the same amateur hockey team as he is and they get to play in the locker room. It seems that they were the last ones to leave and you know how horny Marcus is all the time. So this was a perfect time for him to get to do some more nasty sex and he was going to have the aid of this guy. Sit back and watch MarcusMojo  play with another hot stud in this scene and watch him bending over to take it in the ass for pretty much the better part of this!

Well as you know Marcus does enjoy anal sex quite a lot and it doesn’t matter to him if he’s the one giving it or receiving it as long as he gets to take part in it as you know. So him and the other guy get out of their uniforms pretty quickly all ready to get to have some superb fun with one another for you here today, and to begin, Marcus gets to suck that guy off nice and slow to make him rock hard for his ass. And then he gets to bend over. Anyway, we hope that you will have fun seeing Marcus getting fucked as much as he had while he was getting it and do be sure that he’ll be back again next week with a new show!


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