Last Call

Well hello there again and allow us to extend a nice welcome here today as Marcus Mojo greets you with another one of his classy gay sex scenes for the afternoon and some more of his fuck buddies. Particularly this afternoon, one guy that is as naughty and kinky as him and the two always end up doing crazy stuff together. Only this time it gets to happen on camera. So either way, sit back, relax and treat yourself to another amazingly juicy and hot MarcusMojo scene and watch the guy get wild once more. Along side this kinky company, you can bet that this sexy and muscled pair of guys were going to get pretty down and dirty with each other today!

The two guys are back at the gym that Marcus got to visit in the past and fuck one of his MMA buddies. Well in this one the guy gets to be his partner and like we said, they were all ready to get naughty and kinky. So watch them making quick work of their clothes as they dim the lights as well as they don’t want to attract attention and then you can see the guys getting to have a nice jacking off competition of sorts as well. And things only get nastier from here too. We’ll just leave it up to you to explore and find the rest of these amazing images in the gallery so do take your time. We’ll be returning next week as always with a brand new update!


Take a look at the guys wanking off their dicks!