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Last Updated: February 22nd, 2017
What started out as a relaxing back  massage soon turned into a brand new Marcus Mojo porn video. Marcus was giving his friend a massage, but when he saw how good he was and how hot his body looked like he just could not hold in any longer, spread his friend’s legs wide open and fucked him hard in the ass, just the way we like at His friend took real pleasure feeling that hard long dick penetrating his tight ass hole, making moan and scream with pleasure. Check them out at free Marcus Mojo videos or inside CMNM web page and see them reaching their deep sexual climax at once.

Well this scene is a a personal from Marcus himself to you guys for following him for so long. He wanted to give you something special for your loyalty and here we are with the said product. In this nice and hot movie clip you get to see Marcus get into another casual fuck with one hot and horny stud today. They met at a club last night and they spent the night just talking and walking around. Well, for the morning they fancied having some sex and of course you get to see it. Watch Marcus getting his tight butt fucked one more time today and enjoy this superb video everyone. Bye bye and have fun!

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Marcus Mojo videos – Marcus & Johnny Torque

Marcus and Johnny are best buds for a really long time and they love to work out together and then play a little. In this latest Marcus Mojo free videos they went to a new gym and had some new toys to try out and so once they started to get all sweaty, the took their shits off. And from there it was not long until hey began playing with one another in a pure marcusmojo. They loved to feel their long dicks getting harder and harder in their hands, as they were giving one another strong hand jobs, making themselves feel good and moan with pleasure.Marcus loved to take over control and to make his friend his little sexual play toy. Check them out at Marcus Mojo pics or inside Trystan Bull ‘s web page and see them as they both in a full orgasm, splashing their cum all over the place.

marcus mojo having hardcore sex with his new partnerWell Johnny has returned as you can see and he was very much eager to get his tight and horny ass worked on today. Last time you got to see mister Torque fuck Marcus, but today it’s time for our stud to get a chance to sink his cock in this horny stud’s butthole. sit back and watch Johnny sucks that big and hard dick to lube it nicely and see him turning around for Marcus that’s just waiting to get that cock of his inside him. Watch this superb gay anal fuck session today and see you guys next week with more superb content as usual. We will see you again then everybody!

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Casual Sex

Check out Marcus as he is getting his tight ass ripped apart by one large hard dick, while he is making sure his naughty raging stallion friend also is getting some deep sexual pleasure, all in this latest Marcus Mojo gay sex. Have a look as they orgasm at the same time in a splash ejaculation. Today Marcus got the chance to meet his hot stud at a bar, and since they kind of fancied each other, Marcus proposed to the guy to head on over back to his place and have some sexual fun together. And the guy sure enough said yes to the superb proposal today.

And so the two headed back to Marcus’s apartment where they quickly locked the door behind them to not be disturbed for the rest of the afternoon. Like all scenes that Marcus stars in this one starts with him sucking and slurping on that guy’s huge cock that’s returning the favor for Marcus at the same time. Marcus seemed to be the one that wanted to take the reins this time, and so after the blow jobs, he started to fuck this fresh guy with his tight ass. Watch Marcus go balls deep in that tight butt and enjoy as his new fuck buddy moans in pleasure at the sexual pleasure today.

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MarcusMojo and Johnny Torque

This latest one from MarcusMojo and Johnny Torque brings to you hot stunning Marcus measuring muscles and dicks at the gym. From only touching to deep sucking and tight ass fucking it was only a step, and so we are proud to bring to you Marcus Mojo and Johnny Torque at the gym. they took their time to feel their bodies, getting to know one another and then it was time for the real dirty fun to begin. They took turns ass fucking one another, making sure they went as deep as possible ripping their tight ass halls apart. Check them out at chaosmen and enjoy as the two share one awesome scene today.

marcus mojo and johnny torque having hardcore sex in the gym

One thing to know about mister Torque today is that that’s actually a nickname. And as you can imagine he got that after the guys he got to fuck this far, got to feel his hard cock fucking them hard and fast. And that’s precisely the reason why Marcus just had to get it on with him this fine afternoon. Watch them having their little fuck scene at the gym today and enjoy as you will see the sexy stud Marcus bending over for Torque here. And like his name, he sure revved up this stud’s ass. Watch as Marcus takes one hard and fast ass fucking from his fuck buddy today and enjoy the gallery everyone. See you next time!

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Landon Mycles aka Marcus Mojo

What do you do when you are young and hot and you are home alone in the mood to get some fun? you give us a call and we make the latest Landon Mycles aka Marcus Mojo gay sex scene. It did not take Marcus long to get rid of the clothes and to come off in Adam’s suite, showing of a worked out hot body, with all the right ingredients, especially a hard long dick.He starts masturbating in front of the camera, rubbing his dick harder and faster, until he can not hold it in any longer and spreads out his sticky cum. Check him out at marcusmojo galleries today and let’s get this show of his on the road for today.

Marcus is a fun loving guy, and you can pretty much always see him ding something to stave off boredom. Today he gets to display what he likes to do when there’s no one around and he is feeling naughty. As the scene starts off, this sexy stud gets his MP3 player headphones in his ears and starts off one of his favorite songs. And as horny as he is, he starts to strip putting one one sexy strip show for you guys to see. Watch him showing off his sexy nude body, and see him posing sexy for you all around his living room today too. You get to see him play with his big cock too as he jerks off for you! If you liked this scene, you might visit fraternityx and see some hot gays getting their tight asses fucked by big cocks!landon mycles aka marcus mojo solo video

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Marcus Mojo Jimmy Clay and Tyler Torro

Check out this latest jiiz fest in a brand new Marcus Mojo Jimmy Clay and Tyler Torro. They got together at Marcus’s house, and it did not take them long to get the party started. And this orgy had all the right ingredients. There was some deep ass fucking, pushing that long hard dick as deep as possible, nasty cock sucking, licking and sucking a sausage like it was a ice cream on a stick, just the way we love it at And the end of their sexual meeting, there was sticky cum all over the place. Marcus sure outdid himself with this scene and the other two guys that he had on over.

marcusmojo and his friends in a wild and messy orgy

The thing is, that they couldn’t really decline such an invitation from him no matter what. Marcus always throws the best fuck parties, and with the three of them there this would be one awesome and hot little scene. Watch as all of the guys start off this superb threesome with some cock sucking, and in addition to everything you get to see some nice ass finger fucking too. Watch as the guys eventually start their little gay fuck fest properly and they start to insert those big dicks in one another’s asses. And like we said, at the end watch them cum and fill the place with sticky jizz. For similar gay sex movies you can visit the blog and watch some latino guys fucking!

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The Latin Tongue

Check out this latest Marcus Mojo videos sexually posses his friend on the office desk, making him cringe his teeth and take it like a man. He pushed his dick as deep as possible into his tight ass, making him moan and scream with sexual pleasure. Enjoy as Marcus gets to sample some Latino cock this afternoon and watch him enjoying his nice and thorough dicking from his new fuck buddy. Well what can we say, Marcus sure has some interesting tastes in men as you can clearly see, and of course that that’s pretty evident from his past scenes as well. So let’s see him get it on with this stud today and let’s see him enjoy the fucking that he gets.

The other dude couldn’t believe his luck that he was getting to fuck none other tan Marcus. And Marcus himself was happy to let this stud sink that big and hard cock in his tight ass. You get to see Marcus fucked on top of a table today and you also get to see him moan in pleasure as that big gay dick goes balls deep in his butt. By the end of all of this show, you get to see the other guy blow his load all over Marcus’s ass as well. And rest assured that Marcus just loved having that sticky semen all over his butt. have fun with it everyone and do come back next week for more of him! Also you can watch the free boy crush porn videos and watch other horny gay guys fucking like crazy! See you next time, friends! Enjoy!

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Marcus Mojo fucks Oliver Saint

In this latest Marcus Mojo fucks Oliver Saint , Marcus goes a little old school and plays a little with his friend. They took their time to make one another feel good, kissing long, feeling their tongues against one another, while their hands were busy with their dicks, making them get harder. In the end they hand fucked one another, just the way we like it at marcusmojo videos. They loved to feel their cum touching their hands, feeling the orgasm as they  both reached at the same time. Well Marcus here waited a long time to be able to get it on with Oliver and today was his lucky day as he got him all to himself.marcus mojo and oliver fucking each other senselessYou simply can’t miss this hot and free rough sex video when you get to see the beautiful chemistry that these two studs have together. Oliver is a man slut and always likes to be the submissive one taking the ass fucking. But Marcus wasn’t about to let him just have that. You get to see Marcus treat his new friend to a special treatment before hand as he sucks and slurps on that big and rock hard cock of his with a passion. Only then does Marcus have Oliver spread open his legs and inserts his cock inside that fine and horny ass today. Watch them cum at the same time as we said, and enjoy this hot gallery everyone!

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MarcusMojo and Samuel O Toole

There is not a better opportunity to become someone else than at a masquerade. In this latest MarcusMojo, Marcus transforms into a nymph which is possessed by the devil and she gets fucked in his dunging. He loved to feel his posers penetrate his tight ass hall, making him moan and scream with  intense sexual pleasure. His friend took  no mercy on him and fucked him all night long, ripping his ass apart, Check them out at  Marcus Mojo porn today and enjoy the superb and sexy scene that they get to share for this fine and hot afternoon today everybody. Let’s get this show started and see them getting to work.

As you can probably tell, this nice little gay sex session has a Halloween feel to it and the guys were very happy about it since they got to do a little bit of role play today. Samuel gets to play a vampire as he comes in Marcus’s room to prey on him. But this isn’t your usual vampire. He’s a special one that needs to have his cock sucked, and then needs to fuck  tight ass in order to feed. So watch as Marcus starts to work on that cock with his luscious lips today, and then see him bending over, presenting our horny vampire with his nice and sexy ass today. Enjoy the hard fuck that goes down this evening and enjoy everyone! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the bait bus site and see some horny gay guys making out!

marcus mojo sucking his new partner

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Marcus Mojo fucked by a large cock

Marcus loves to work out at the gym and to make his body look good. He also loves to get fucked, thus the latest Marcus Mojo fucked. He took a lot of pleasure to spread his legs wide open and to feel his friend’s cock going deep into  his tight ass hall, making him feel good and enjoy the deep fucking. Check him out at marcusmojo pics as he splashes a full one right in front of the camera. Enjoy Marcus comes back with a superb and fresh scene for you guys today. So let’s watch his sweet ass getting thoroughly penetrated by a nice and hard cock this fine afternoon everyone.

marcus mojo gets fucked by a large dickNow as you know, Marcus here is quite the horny little man slut, just like the guys from the thug porn blog, and as he is a regular client at the said gym, he actually had his eyes on that personal trainer. Today was the day that he’d make his move and get him to fuck his horny ass one way or another. And surprisingly he just straight out said that he wanted that huge cock inside his ass without delay. To which the gym dude answered by taking him to a private section where they could have as much private fun as they wanted today. So just sit back and watch Marcus getting his fine tight ass pounded hard style for today. Have a great time watching this fresh video update and don’t forget that you can find similar videos inside the Japan Boyz blog, so check it out and have a great time inside!

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