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Marcus Mojo Videos – Pumped and Pounded

Well look what we have here. It’s some more superbly juicy Marcus Mojo videos featuring him in more steamy gay action. You know that this site is the best go to place for checking out some hot muscled hunks getting down and dirty and Marcus here never disappoints with his amazing scenes either. Let’s get to take the time to watch him introduce another one of his friends in this one and as you can see, that guy is a personal gym trainer. Well, he and MarcusMojo are about to have some hard style fun for the afternoon in this juicy video and of course you get to check out the whole steamy gay fuck that resulted from it!

Marcus starts off the video by introducing the guy. And as they talk a bit about him you can figure that he’s also pretty much into guys as much as Marcus is. Then you can see a nice training montage, with Marcus pushing himself as he works out. Well as he gets nearly done with his rounds he wants to quit but his coach buddy has the best motivator for him today. Which is to tempt him with a fuck right then and there in the gym if h finishes up his routine. So watch him do it and then watch them fucking and sucking each other all over the place as well for your enjoyment too. It’s a great update and if you want to see more, check out Marcus’s past scenes around here too!

Marcus Mojo Video – Neighborly Invasion

Another fresh week and time to show off a brand new Marcus Mojo video this time here. Marcus in collaboration with Next Door Studios brings you this lovely video here, where he and two of his fuck mates get to play kinky for the afternoon and naturally you get to see it all go down in this video. The story goes that he and one friend were just done with playing around, when they get a visit from another one of their mates and it seems to spark off another sex session. Well let’s just get to see MarcusMojo getting some more anal action in this threesome and you can see him play with the other two all afternoon long. We bet you’ll adore the whole thing!

Pretty much as the video starts, Marcus and the other guy were getting ready to get dressed, as they were just sporting their underpants now. Then the next guy comes into the picture as they were having a talk and he likes what he sees, with the two guys mostly naked and such. So as the other two figure out that the guy is kinda down to go for a round two, they have another wild fuck fest with all three of them enjoying the action this time. Take your time to see lots of cock sucking and balls deep anal fucking today and enjoy the view. We’ll be back next time as always with a brand new gallery for your viewing pleasure everyone. See you then!

Doctor’s Orders

This week’s juicy and new Marcus Mojo porn scene has the main man getting to pay the doctor a visit and well…you can already guess what happened. He kind of had a crush on the guy for a while so this was the perfect time for the stud to get to have some fun and try to seduce the dude too. Well either way, he had the excuse to come in for his regular checkup and the doctor scheduled him to come in for today. Let’s not waste time and get to watch the horny and cute MarcusMojo getting to be naughty again as he bends over and takes it doggie style in the ass from the guy today. We can guarantee that you will adore each and every single image in the gallery!

The scene begins with Marcus barging in through the front door of the office and starting to get undressed. Midway through his checkup he decided to drop his underpants too and put on a good view for the doc with his cute round ass and the man figured out just what the guy needed. To see more fraternity gay asses enter here! So, his prescription was to take his cock anally as treatment and call him back in the morning to let him know if he feels better. It’s corny yes, but the two hunks had tons of fun for the afternoon and there’s no way you should skip on this little adventure here with Marcus. See you all next week with more new and hot scenes!


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Marcus Mojo – Built For Speed

Today you get to see some more Marcus Mojo fucked action as the guy gets to party hard for you and the cameras once again. He’s got another fuck buddy over and the two plan on spending the whole afternoon just having sex with each other. So you get to be the guest of honor in this one as you get to experience the whole thing. He’s a guy that gets to visit rarely so Marcus always likes to take his time and reserve a whole afternoon of playing with the guy in bed. Well with that being said, we know you’re eager to see the show going so let’s watch MarcusMojo and the guy fucking hard style all over the place for the afternoon today!


Oh, we forgot to mention that the muscled friend of Marcus here has short blonde hair and he looks simply dreamy. Why do you think Marcus is so eager to play in the first place? Well either way as the two get to the bedroom, their clothes fly off left and right and they seem superbly eager to get started. Marcus sucks his biddy’s cock first as he wants to take it in the ass first as well to give him special treatment. And after a good while of getting butt fucked, you can see Marcus take the reins as well and just like the title says, fuck his good friend here fast and hard. We’ll be right back next week with another new gallery for you, so stay tuned!

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Country Boys

Hey there again everyone and welcome to a new Marcus Mojo com gay sex session with the main man himself and more of his fuck buddies. It seems that this week, Marcus and his friend here were down at the ranch and they were all set to have some fun. The guy wanted to show Marcus his farm and the likes and the other reason is that Marcus always wanted to get to do it on a farm. So his buddy here was very very happy to help as long as he was part of the action. Let’s take our time to enjoy the one and only MarcusMojo in action once more and you get to see him enjoying some nice and kinky sexual action without delay.

They took a nice and long tour so that Marcus can see pretty much everything that there is to see in this place and one the tour was over they go behind some straw ballots to get to have fun. Naturally, clothes come off quick and the two get right down to business. Watch Marcus laying on his back and letting the guy take the initiative and you get to see the horny guy moan in pleasure while his fuck buddy has his lips firmly wrapped around his hard cock today. You just have to see him moan in pleasure while he gets his dick sucked and more today. But that second bit we’ll let you discover for yourselves in the rest of the gallery. See you next week!


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Marcus Mojo Gay – Rub and Fuck

Hey there guys. Marcus is back with another new Marcus Mojo gay scene here and he’s got one more fuck buddy to play with on camera for you. They got to spend the afternoon enjoying some amazing sex sessions and the cameras caught every angle of that superb action to bring it to you all this afternoon. So sit back, relax and enjoy the front row seats to another amazing fuck that Marcus gets to take part in. Him and the guy got to play in the kitchen and this is one MarcusMojo sex scene with some steamy gay action that you won’t want to miss for sure. Let’s get the show rolling already and get to watch the two amazing guys getting to play naughty with each other today shall we?


Like we mentioned, the whole thing takes place in the kitchen. And that’s mainly because the two were enjoying some coffee and catching up. But as their discussions went on and on, they got hornier and hornier, like real bound gods, so they had to do something about it. The new guy is more than happy to get a nice ass stretching from Marcus so after they take each other’s clothes off, you can see him laying on his back with legs spread open and taking it missionary style from Marcus here. Sit back and have fun watching them fuck all over the kitchen and you’ll also see them shoot their sticky loads all over each other. Have fun and see you next week again!

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Strictly Business

Marcus Mojo is the number one purveyor of some juicy and hot gay fuck scenes and this week there’s some more new content with that to enjoy. There’s a new pair of hot and horny guys that get wild with one another and of course you get to see it all go down in this amazingly hot and sexy gallery this afternoon. The two studs are a pair of business men that own a company and they regularly stay in late. The others think it’s for work, but it’s only half true. They need to unwind after a long work day every time and they always end up locking the office and fucking hard all over the place until evening. So let’s watch one of their MarcusMoyo sexcapades this week shall we?

And as our scene commences it is about time that everyone got to leave for home. They do one last checkup to make sure that they have privacy and the place all to themselves and then they go back to their office. As they start to kiss and caress one another, you can watch them slowly taking off each other’s suits and revealing those amazingly hot and sexy bodies to you and the camera. The guy with a buzz cut and socks on gets to be the one on the receiving end today so he lays on his back on the desk and lets his buddy plow his fine ass balls deep with his thick cock. Enjoy the amazing gay fuck fest this afternoon and do drop by next week for one more update! Also you might visit the site and see some naughty shemales having sex!


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Marcus Mojo porn video

Last Updated: February 22nd, 2017
What started out as a relaxing back  massage soon turned into a brand new Marcus Mojo porn video. Marcus was giving his friend a massage, but when he saw how good he was and how hot his body looked like he just could not hold in any longer, spread his friend’s legs wide open and fucked him hard in the ass, just the way we like at His friend took real pleasure feeling that hard long dick penetrating his tight ass hole, making moan and scream with pleasure. Check them out at free Marcus videos or inside CMNM web page and see them reaching their deep sexual climax at once.

Well this scene is a a personal from Marcus himself to you guys for following him for so long. He wanted to give you something special for your loyalty and here we are with the said product. In this nice and hot movie clip you get to see Marcus get into another casual fuck with one hot and horny stud today. They met at a club last night and they spent the night just talking and walking around. Well, for the morning they fancied having some sex and of course you get to see it. Watch Marcus getting his tight butt fucked one more time today and enjoy this superb video everyone. Bye bye and have fun!

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Marcus Mojo videos – Marcus & Johnny Torque

Marcus and Johnny are best buds for a really long time and they love to work out together and then play a little. In this latest Marcus Mojo free videos they went to a new gym and had some new toys to try out and so once they started to get all sweaty, the took their shits off. And from there it was not long until hey began playing with one another in a pure marcusmojo. They loved to feel their long dicks getting harder and harder in their hands, as they were giving one another strong hand jobs, making themselves feel good and moan with pleasure.Marcus loved to take over control and to make his friend his little sexual play toy. Check them out at Marcus pics or inside Trystan Bull ‘s web page and see them as they both in a full orgasm, splashing their cum all over the place.

marcus mojo having hardcore sex with his new partnerWell Johnny has returned as you can see and he was very much eager to get his tight and horny ass worked on today. Last time you got to see mister Torque fuck Marcus, but today it’s time for our stud to get a chance to sink his cock in this horny stud’s butthole. sit back and watch Johnny sucks that big and hard dick to lube it nicely and see him turning around for Marcus that’s just waiting to get that cock of his inside him. Watch this superb gay anal fuck session today and see you guys next week with more superb content as usual. We will see you again then everybody!

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Casual Sex

Check out Marcus as he is getting his tight ass ripped apart by one large hard dick, while he is making sure his naughty raging stallion friend also is getting some deep sexual pleasure, all in this latest Marcus Mojo gay sex. Have a look as they orgasm at the same time in a splash ejaculation. Today Marcus got the chance to meet his hot stud at a bar, and since they kind of fancied each other, Marcus proposed to the guy to head on over back to his place and have some sexual fun together. And the guy sure enough said yes to the superb proposal today.

And so the two headed back to Marcus’s apartment where they quickly locked the door behind them to not be disturbed for the rest of the afternoon. Like all scenes that Marcus stars in this one starts with him sucking and slurping on that guy’s huge cock that’s returning the favor for Marcus at the same time. Marcus seemed to be the one that wanted to take the reins this time, and so after the blow jobs, he started to fuck this fresh guy with his tight ass. Watch Marcus go balls deep in that tight butt and enjoy as his new fuck buddy moans in pleasure at the sexual pleasure today.

marcus mojo and ayden fucking each other senseless

Watch these two fucking and joking around till they cum!

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